Appointment Bookings

Thank you for reaching out and wanting to chat with us!

If you're a parent wanting to chat to Clint about how we can help your child through private coaching,

please click on 'Private Kids Coaching - Phone Chat appt'.

If you're looking for coaching for yourself or clients, click on 'Private Adult Coaching - Phone Chat appt'.


The New Client Health Questionnaire will be emailed to you once your booking is approved and MUST be completed within

24-hours or the appointment confirmation or the appointment will be cancelled and you have the option of

re-requesting another at any time.

Approvals may not happen immediately, our office hours tend to be Tue-Sat.

If you're a business owner/manager wanting to book a meeting with Clint and Aimee  as per an invitation sent to you,

please choose from one of the 'Business Meeting' options.

FYI:  Manage appointments and receive notifications through the Spaces for Wix app available on Apple Store and Google Play