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Appointment Bookings

Thank you for reaching out and wanting to chat with us!


Some services and programs are only available on the Sunshine Coast, while Support Work may also be available in the Noosa, North and Gympie regions. We do not currently service any other locations.

New Clients: wanting to chat to Clint about how we can help your child or yourself through one or more of our services, please click on the corresponding appointment type below, based on the information on the individual services pages.

CRUCIAL INFORMATION: The appropriate New Client Intake Form will be emailed once a booking request is approved and MUST be completed WITHIN 24-HOURS of that approval. Or the appointment may be cancelled.

If you're a Professional (business owner, service provider, manager, Support Coordinator, Plan Manager etc) wanting to discuss our services, potential clients you have in mind for our services etc, please book a video or phone call meeting.

Office and communication hours:

Clint: Generally, but not definitely, Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm around client sessions/meetings. He may occasionally email on Saturday mornings.

Aimee: Tuesday-Friday 8am-3:30pm, Saturday 8am-11:30am.

Please only book a 'Quick Phone Chat Appointment' if you've already read the FAQ and Services pages thoroughly and cannot find answers to your questions.

  • ALL appointments will be reviewed before being manually approved or declined.

  • Approvals may not happen immediately, our office hours tend to be Tue-Sat.

  • An appointment request may be declined if a conflicting appointment/commitment is required before the calendar can be manually updated.

FYI:  Manage appointments and receive notifications through the Spaces for Wix app available on Apple Store and Google Play

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