Overcoming physical and emotional disabilities to create confidence, capability and more fulfilment in life

Private Adults Coaching Program

Do you want to live the best life you can and not let your disabilities limit you?

Do you want to feel strong and confident in how you move your body everyday in all situations and environments?

Do you want to feel healthier and have more energy? 

Private Adults Coaching can help you in all of these areas and more!

This 1:1 program is held outdoors and combines traditional exercises, unique games and activities, fun and laughter to achieve wonderful results.

This fully personalised 8-week program consists of exercises and activities focusing on the specific

areas needing improvement, as well as mentoring and connection with an experienced and dedicated coach who will guide you to achieve a better quality of life.

This isn't a just-pay-and-off-you-go product.

It's a private personal training program made for you.

​Start with an obligation-free 20 min phone chat with Clint to discuss what your child needs

then book in a 30 min Trial Session.

We've worked with and helped over 70 locals and are looking forward

to working with and helping you too!

Trial Sessions are $45/$48 (+ GST), paid prior to the day and $10 from each is donated to our

Sponsor a Child for Coaching program.


A comprehensive online New Client Intake Form is required to be completed by 30mins prior to the phone chat appointment. This is an important part of our new client enquiry process for various reasons including providing crucial health, behavioural and other information our Coaches require before a 1:1 Trial Session. By booking a phone chat appointment you understand this and agree to completing the online form in time.


Brenton M. - Autistic male adult, a client of 7 years

I really love training with Clint. He's helping me build a better body through good food and movement

Private Adults Coaching ASD NDIS Sunshine Coast