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$10 from every new client Trial Session and donations from events, workshops etc go toward helping children use

Private Kids Coaching who otherwise couldn't access it.

One child at a time will be invited to attend this eight week program with a suitable Kids Confidence Coach;

the value of this service is maximum $475.20 or $445.50 (inc. GST).

Applicants aren't required to have an official health related diagnosis but it must be demonstrated that they experience emotional and/or mental and/or physical challenges and limitations and why they need and will benefit from this service.

We want all children to access and benefit from this program and we understand some aren't ever eligible for NDIS funding,

funding has been revoked/reduced, and parents simply can't afford it on their own,

so if we can provide the funding for this we will!

Applications are always open. A successful applicant will be notified by phone and/or email by Clint or Aimee.

Thoroughly read the Terms & Conditions and apply via the button below:

Sponsorship for Children
to attend and benefit from Private Kids Coaching

Sponsor a Child for Coaching
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