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More About Clint & Aimee


"I'm Clint's partner (and better half!), co-director of Autism & Beyond (and Primal Influence), Manager of most aspects of the business, and a Women's Primal Health Coach.


My background is in Personal Training, Boxing, and admin within Allied Health. I was a Personal Trainer for six years and later on a Receptionist and Admin Assistant for various Allied Health and wellness businesses on the Sunshine Coast. I also spent a few years studying online and have Diplomas in Business, Marketing and Events.

I'm also qualified in Business, Marketing and Events Management which I put to good use in both businesses as a Coach and Manager.


My interests include camping, fishing, foraging, traditional bow hunting, bushwalking, natural fitness, bushcraft and general crafts such as sewing and crochet; country music, op shopping, movies and culture. All since losing weight and finding a true joy for living and being outdoors, thanks to Clint!


I've been on a long road to achieving good health and wellness, as I have a history of deep health problems. Since adopting a more Paleo/Primal lifestyle initially, then mostly 'carnivore' (animal-based) more recently, I'm feeling the best I've felt in a long time. I'm passionate about helping others achieve good health through this way of life. I believe I deserve to feel great and that I will, and I believe everyone deserves the same! 

I'm enjoying growing our businesses, working with wonderful team members, helping more families achieve better health and wellness, and I'm excited about what the future holds as we continue to evolve and grow."


"For most of my life I was obese and lacked the motivation to exercise. Luckily, that all came to an end when I joined a workplace Biggest Loser-type competition. My starting weight was 113 kg and when I won the competition I weighed 95 kg.


This achievement started me on a journey to gaining better health and fitness and eventually led to a career as a Personal Trainer and also moving to Darwin to live. 


While living in Darwin I felt I was not evolving as a Personal Trainer and with my own fitness and I needed a new challenge. This challenge was to participate in a full marathon! I started training for the Gold Coast 42.2 km marathon in December and for any of you who know Darwin, you’d know that December is the worst time of year to do anything physical outdoors. It’s right in the middle of wet season! So if I wasn’t getting soaked by rain while training then I was soaking from the immense amount of sweat due the crazy humidity!


When July 4th rolled around I found myself at the starting line of my very first marathon. I completed the event in 4 hours 7 minutes and needless to say I was and still am very proud of my achievement. A couple of positive side effects of training for this event were that I was also training my mind into self belief, plus I lost more weight.

However, even though I was at my lightest weight and fitter than ever before, I found I was lacking the energy and get-up-and-go I felt I was meant to have. This got me questioning my lifestyle choices. I started looking into why I felt the way I did. After a lot of research I discovered something called the Paleo diet. This was a revelation for me as it went against pretty much everything I’d learnt and believed as a trainer. I mean, really, I can’t actually have bacon and eggs every day for breakfast, consume a high-fat diet, exercise less and still lose weight and be healthier than ever before?! Surely not! But, I can promise you the answer is YES because it really has worked for me!

The fitness side of my training has evolved from what I originally did with my clients. I no longer believe in making people run countless kilometres, performing countless push-ups and crunches. Instead, my focus has become more on natural movement and having fun. By focusing on simple yet effective movements we can increase our strength capacity, flexibility and even cardiovascular ability while preventing injuries, inflammation and pain. 


I also enjoy helping my clients improve their mindset by tapping into an inner confidence they possess but need some guidance to recognise and embrace.

These days I find I’m identifying myself as a Coach as opposed to a typical Personal Trainer, because my role with my clients encompasses far more; from mentoring to fitness training to being a friend, and much more. It depends on the person on the day.

I have a lot of experience working with children (and some adults) on the Autism Spectrum, including 1:1 and group programs, nature camps and events, and spending a lot of time with our ASD nephew.

Other than loving the role I have within our two businesses, my interests and hobbies include fishing, camping, bushwalking, kayaking, SUPing, four wheel driving, woodwork, bush craft and primitive skills, traditional bow hunting, reading, climbing trees and watching movies.

I may not be at my fittest and leanest as I write this (January 2022), but I can honestly say I'm the most physically capable and confident I've ever been. If I needed to save myself or someone else tomorrow I'm confident I could do so, and I'm confident with the person I've become and am continuing to grow into. I hold a Level1 MovNat and going for Level 2 certification before the end of 2022.


My goal with Autism and Beyond is to create a large team of passionate and enthusiastic team members across the country helping children and adults feel confident and capable."

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