Creating confident and capable children

who become confident and capable adults

Private Kids Coaching Program

Private Kids Coaching Sunshine Coast

Are you concerned about your child's physical and emotional
well-being and is it affecting family life?

Does your child suffer from low self-esteem and confidence and
lack coordination?

Do they spend more time indoors on their devices than outside playing? 

Private Kids Coaching can help get them moving, feeling happy and confident in themselves.

This can have a positive impact on the rest of the family.

This fully personalised 8-week program consists of exercises and games focusing on the specific areas needing improvement, as well as mentoring and connection with an experienced and dedicated coach who will guide your child (and your family!) to achieve a better quality of life.

This isn't a just-pay-and-off-you-go product.

It's a private personal training program made for your child.

Available at multiple locations on the Sunshine Coast, Qld.

Start with an obligation-free 20 min phone chat with Clint to discuss what your child needs

then book in a 30 min Trial Session.

We've worked with and helped over 60 local families and are looking forward

to working with and helping yours too!

Trial Sessions are $45/$48 (+ GST), paid prior to the day and $10 from each is donated to our

Sponsor a Child for Coaching program.


Don't have NDIS funding? You may be eligible to apply for sponsorship!

A comprehensive online New Client Intake Form is required to be completed by 30mins prior to the phone chat appointment. This is an important part of our new client enquiry process for various reasons including providing crucial health, behavioural and other information our Coaches require before a 1:1 Trial Session. By booking a phone chat appointment you understand this and agree to completing the online form in time.

Find out more about what this service is about and what's included:

Suzanne P.

Clint works well with my children - developing programs to their individual needs and interest. I have seen both try things that they wouldn’t have even considered before beginning with Clint

Tash L.

My son has been seeing Clint for around 6mths now and the changes in his confidence are amazing!! My son loves going to Clint's sessions! It’s one of the only ‘therapies’ he actually looks forward to!

Jennifer H.

Our family have experienced Clint's Private Kid's Coaching sessions, which have been a thorough success for us. Clint immediately struck up a good rapport with our kids and excels at encouraging them to push themselves, and supporting them to learn new skills. He has a natural way with kids; putting them at their ease, treating them with respect, and valuing their autonomy. I would have no hesitation in recommending these sessions. His communication is great and any paperwork is online, efficient and timely

Kate M.

Clint has been such a positive influence on my 5 year old daughter in such a short time frame. Clint instantly built a connection with her in the trial session and she has been so excited to see him every week. She has needed to build confidence and strength in her body and increase her love for playing in nature without the pressure on herself to do things "perfectly". This "play time" has not only been great for her physical fitness, but has also boosted her mood, self-confidence, self-esteem and allowed her to become more relaxed in her everyday life. And he has really gone the extra mile to incorporate her interests into the sessions. I cannot recommend Private Kids Coaching more highly for each and every kid!

Recommended by Parents