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Meet The Team

Clint - Confidence and Fishing Coach - Autism & Beyond Australia

Clint Bauer

Confidence & Fishing Coach, Team Manager & Director

"Building self esteem and confidence in children goes a long way in building successful adults"

Since becoming a Personal Trainer in 2008, he has helped many children and adult clients improve their lives by getting fitter and stronger, feeling confident with how they move every day, having more energy and enjoying life again through his fun and unique approach to health and fitness coaching.  He now specialises in working with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) children, and those with similar neuro-developmental challenges , because of his experience in overcoming extreme shyness, low self-esteem and being extremely overweight as a child into adulthood to become the capable, fit, strong and happy guy he is today!

Before working with children Clint was an adults trainer for many years and has worked with and helped men and women of various abilities and ages improve their quality of life.

Qualified and experienced Personal Trainer and MovNat Instructor, Blue Card holder, highly experienced and passionate fisho, and big kid!
Clint manages many aspects of this business and Primal Influence.
Outdoors Queensland Awards
Kids fishing  programs available on the Sunshine Coast
Kids fishing  programs available on the Sunshine Coast
Aimee Clark - Director & Manager, Autism & Beyond Australia

Aimee Clark

Admin/Marketing/Events Manager, Director & Health Coach


"To grow, get comfortable with being uncomfortable"

Since becoming a Personal Trainer in 2005, she has helped hundreds of people become confident in creating healthy meals for themselves and their families using simple ingredients and cooking methods and has coached many clients in 1:1 and group training to gain improved fitness, strength and general physical capability, particularly with overcoming issues with long term injuries and pain.
She has overcome chronic debilitating back pain, illness and depression using natural lifestyle principles. S
he now feels happy and healthy and enjoys living a full and fun life! 
Aimee manages most aspects of the business from the team, marketing, events to admin and more, as well as being a Health Coach.


NDIS Workforce Fundamentals (TAFE QLD)


Communicate Effectively with People with Disability (TAFE QLD)

Male Childrens Support Worker Sunshine Coast

Jasper Stringer

Children's Support Worker

Sunshine Coast

"With great power comes great responsibility​"

Jasper grew up with a brother diagnosed with Asperger's. It's been difficult for him at times but it's taught him the patience and skills required for communicating and spending time with young people on the Autism Spectrum.


He's previously worked as an Assistant Manager at Subway, and being just 20 years of age, that's quite an achievement.


Jasper's proud to be a member of a band, he loves music and playing guitar.


He enjoys keeping fit and being active, he loves soccer, and plays video games in his downtime. 


He has a very a good work ethic and strives to make a comfortable environment for those around him.


Jasper has a natural ability to adapt to manage a clients needs, behaviour and challenges at any given time and enjoys being a mentor, motivator, friend and strong support system for each child he works with and their immediate family.


Sunshine Coast female support worker for

Ellie Dalton

Children's Support Worker

Sunshine Coast

"Cultivating kindness and time = opportunity"

Ellie is a terrific mentor and pre-service secondary teacher with a passion for supporting young people to flourish and actively engage in life and learning.

During her work and studies she's found a passion for working alongside young people to support their diverse physical, emotional, social and cultural needs through an inclusive and compassionate approach. 

Ellie's interests include being outside amongst nature, camping with friends, music (concerts, playing instruments, sharing her love for music with other people), the beach, snorkeling, swimming, fishing, and reading.

Her private music teaching over the past eight years has included students from early childhood to adults. This is where she discovered the passion to mentor and support people desiring to learn an instrument.

Ellie's a good listener, calm, gentle, caring and genuinely wants the best for people.

Sunshine Coast Childrens Support Workers

Austin Gelatt

Children's Support Worker

Sunshine Coast

"Whether you think you can or cannot, you’re right”

Austin grew up in a desert town called Tucson, Arizona in the USA. He spent long summer days with his two brothers building forts, playing various sports and constantly imagining and discovering new ways to entertain themselves


 He's lived in Australia for approximately a decade with his Canadian wife.


He loves surfing, climbing, hiking, reading and exploring new areas of the Sunshine Coast.


Austin's background is in the hospitality industry, specifically in the wine area, giving him excellent people and listening skills and a high level of adaptability which go well with his genuine caring and empathetic nature for this role in particular.


One of his unique skills is teaching indoor rock climbing. and he's very sporty with his passions including playing basketball and skateboarding/longboarding.


He also enjoys throwing a frisbee and riding bikes!


Austin's life experience, personality, interests and skills make him an excellent mentor and role model for young people.

Jarrod - Children's Support Worker - Sunshine Coast QLD

Jarrod Bretz

Children's Support Worker

Southern Sunshine Coast & Surrounds

"Non deficere" Latin, which translates to "never give up"

Jarrod is available to service clients located on the southern end of the Sunshine Coast and in surrounding areas.

He has a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Psychology)/Bachelor of Counselling, and has completed Introduction to Adolescent Mental Health, and Supporting Children’s Mental Health and Wellbeing qualifications.

During his studies Jarrod worked with people of all ages with neurodevelopmental challenges including a child with L2 ASD. 

Jarrod loves sports (particularly tennis, rugby and OzTag, motorsports and jujitsu). He has experience with and enjoys building things, online games and drawing.

He enjoys camping, spending time with his family, fishing and reading.

Jarrod has ADHD and Tourette's and manages them with therapy and tools. He experienced bullying during his school years and can genuinely understand and connect with children who have or currently are experiencing it themselves.

He's a very calm and caring young man with a positive attitude and desire to work with and support children with ASD to help them live their best lives!

Support Worker northern Sunshine Coast Noosa

Saxon Miezis

Children's Support Worker

Northern Sunshine Coast & Noosa

"The only limit is your mind"

Saxon is a playful, active and fun young man who is studying Youth Work and has a particular interest in working with children on the Autism Spectrum. 

He may have had undiagnosed ADHD his whole life so he consciously makes an effort to manage his symptoms, he likes learning about neurodivergence and how he can best support others with ASD challenges.

He's gotten through some major health issues, overcome being house-bound and highly introverted for 5 years and is now able to relate to young people who have also struggled with their health.

Saxon focuses on living his life to the fullest and is very appreciative of the time he has and spending quality time with family and friends.

In his downtime Saxon enjoys gaming, bowling, playing pool and sports. He used to be an excessive gamer until he decided to become more active and spend a lot of time outdoors. He still loves a stint on the couch playing his favourite online games but prefers to be outdoors.

Saxon is available to work with and be a great mentor for children cross the northern Sunshine Coast area!

Gympie children's support worker, wide bay, child asd, autism, mentor, role model, ndis service provider

Mitch Grady

Children's Support Worker

Gympie region

"Be the change you want to see in the world"

Mitch is married and is a father of two. The family moved from The Blue Mountains, NSW to Gympie at the end of 2023 so he's enjoying exploring and learning about the region and living on a nice piece of land perfect for raising kids, playing with their two dogs and growing some veggies!

He's an experienced chef with a passion for health and fitness, and also enjoys arts, crafts, motorbikes and vintage cars.

Mitch's 14 year old son has ADHD and has experienced many highs and lows, some of which include navigating teenagerhood and the social aspects of that. Mitch is currently helping his son improve his social skills and obtain employment, including learning how to write a resume and apply for positions.

His other interests include watching sci-fi movies, reading, and listening to music.

Mitch is a very calm, patient and kind person who will make an excellent role model to the young people he works with.

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