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Grass-fed Beef Organ Supplements

Australian freeze-dried beef organ capsules are high quality, have many health benefits if taken daily and are suitable for children and adults.

Primal Energy Women $34.95 (RRP $39.95)
Primal Energy $3
4.95 (RRP $39.95)
Primal Multi $44.95 (RRP $49.95)


Recommended dosage: 4x capsules daily for adults.

Please order as many items as possible per type as we need to order a minimum of 6 of each to access the low prices as pass on to you.

NOW AVAILABLE: Powder in 100g tubs!

Great for hiding in the kids food and for those who can't swallow regular-sized capsules easily.

Choose from 3 varieties

Ancestral Nutrition beef organ supplement
Ancestral Nutrition beef organ supplement
Ancestral Nutrition beef organ supplement

Ordering open 24 Aug - 1 Sept 2023


Erin R.

I find they give me a big energy boost on the days I take them.


My energy levels have surprised me and everyone else. I have recovered much more quickly than I expected while packing and cleaning to move house. I am confident that the liver capsules are making a significant difference. 

Thank you for the introductory sample and facilitating the purchase. Really lovely service. 

Rhonda M.

These supplements are so easy to take and you can't even taste them. I feel I have more energy and focus. Combined with proven data that organs are great for getting all those nutrients in you.

Robyn C.

I've been taking Ancestral Nutrition supplements for some time now.  I take both beef liver and beef organs.  They're very easy to take, gentle on the stomach and I do feel that my energy level has improved somewhat since taking them.

One day I left my capsules on the kitchen bench while doing something else and returned to find that my cat had eaten most of them!  He doesn't even eat red meat and suffered no adverse effects.

Andrea M.

I find the supplements to easy to take, and even though I love cooking I find it hard to purchase good quality organ meats where I live, and when I do get access to them I choose the boring cuts like chicken livers that aren't as nutrient-dense because I'm not confident cooking with the stronger tasting healthier cuts like beef liver and kidney. These capsules make it easy to benefit from organ meats without having to try to find and cook them.

Recommended by our happy customers

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