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Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Wearing these from sunset most nights can balance the circadian rhythm, regulate melatonin levels, improve sleep quality, boost immunity, improve mood and energy levels and, reduce stress and anxiety, and minimise the potential harmful side-effects of synthetic blue light exposure.

Particularly helpful for children taking Melatonin supplements and for insomniacs.

Blue light may also damage the retina. Over time this could lead to serious problems in eye health.

NDIS funding may be available.

HMC glasses block 97% of harmful synthetic blue light entering the eyes, they're light, comfortable and long-lasting.

Message from HMC:

"Our Blue Light Blocking Glasses have certification standards and are custom designed and laboratory tested:

AS/NZS 1067:2003 – Australia/New Zealand

EN ISO 12312-1:2013(A1:2015) – European tested

ANSI Z80.3: 2015 – US testing standards

Our glasses have UV400 lenses

Our lenses block violet and blue light to 97% at 500 nm


Version 3.0 is a wide frame size so these glasses are able to fit over prescription glasses more easily"

Product description: black frame, amber lenses, one-size-fits-all.

There are no style or colour variations available.

Blue light blocking glasses for kids and

Hire a Pair for a Week


You can hire our tester pair to see if you and/or your child/children will actually wear them each night before purchasing any.


Generally, older kids and adults wear them well and don't need to try them out first, but kids with sensory challenges sometimes won't wear them so it's handy to test this out before buying.

Improvements to sleep and health may happen quickly or may take more than a week to notice but within a couple of hours of wearing them it's usually obvious the mind is feeling calmer, and that the body is winding down, preparing for a restful slumber.

And yes, you can wear them over most regular-size prescription glasses! Larger frames require clip-on or fit-ov
er glasses available here (USE CODE "PRIMALHEALTH" TO SAVE 10%!)

TO BUY:   RRP $89   |   YOUR PRICE:   $84

TO HIRE:   $39

security deposit, inc GST, credit towards new pair purchase or fully refunded upon return.


Read the T&C below and complete the order form. A confirmation email will be sent to you during office hours and an invoice generated and sent separately.

Hire or Buy Order Form

Request to use the hire pair or to buy

1-3 pairs here


Thanks! We'll be in touch ASAP!

Helen H.

Just want to say I'm really happy with the glasses.

Thanks heaps for the recommendation.

Melanie F.

The glasses have been great, and we are both sleeping a lot better. 

Jess S.
Sebb's mum

My son was taking Melatonin nightly, I had tried every natural alternative to try and get him off it, since wearing the glasses nightly for one week he's already completely off the Melatonin tablets. He now also doesn't need to fall asleep with his dad next to him, so it's 1.5 hrs his dad has to himself every night. Thank you so much!

Erica S.
Chronic insomniac who was going to sleep at 1am most nights

I keep falling asleep with my glasses on and wake up with them still on the next morning . They have made a remarkable difference" - Erica, chronic insomniac who was going to sleep at 1am most nights.

Recommended by our happy customers

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