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Our Guarantee

At Autism & Beyond we pride ourselves on providing a high quality service for all of our clients. We’ve heard too many times of other Support Workers simply not showing up to client appointments and not providing any communication. If you’ve experienced this in the past we don’t want it to happen to you again; we’ve introduced a guarantee…

Our guarantee to you is that our Support Worker shows up to every shift they’re rostered on for* or we’ll credit you a two hour appointment to use at a later date!


  • Excluding extenuating circumstances such as injury, severe illness, death, major traffic delays. If the reason the Support Worker provides us falls in a “grey area” the final decision will be made by Clint and Aimee - Directors of Autism and Beyond Australia. 

  • The two hour credited session must be used within the terms of the existing contract/agreement and requested to be organised by the parent/guardian to Clint Bauer via email to two weeks prior. (eg two weeks' notice is required to be able to request and use the credited two hour session).

  • The two-hour credited session must be used on the same day of the week as the missed appointment. 

  • This is not to be used in conjunction with any other service or offer and cannot be redeemed for cash.

  • The two-hour free session can be added onto an existing paid booking but can only be used in one full session, not divided into multiple sessions of any time less than two hours (eg it cannot be halved and used over two separate sessions as extra one-hour sessions).

  • The credited two hour session must be requested and used within three (3) months of the original missed session.

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