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Fishing Fun & Friends
Group Program for Kids

Relaxed social fishing programs for children

Kids social fishing group program Sunshine Coast

Are you looking for socialising and connection opportunities for your child?

Spending quality time in nature, learning basic fishing skills?

These weekly or fortnightly fishing programs are suitable for kids with low-level ASD/ND challenges as well as Neurotypical/non-ASD kids who could benefit from more confidence and self-esteem and the opportunity to meet other kids.

Taken by an experienced Fishing Coach, each program is available for 4 children at a time, on a weekly or fortnightly (depending on the program) basis with every session to be attended - this is not a casual come-along-whenever activity; the aim is for children to spend the set number of weeks together getting to know each other and potentially forming new friendships.

This program suits both children who have or haven't fished before.


TBA - most likely term 2 of 2024

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Recommended by Parents


My son Arley is one of those kids who lives for his screens.  He has anxiety and doesn’t like leaving the house.  However, when it’s time to go fishing with Clint, he is there, no questions asked!


Arley hates downtime.  He detests being bored.  It blows my mind that he has been fishing with Clint, every week, for months.  Clint’s knowledge of fishing makes it exciting for Arley.  He always comes home with a smile and a story.


Since Arley has been fishing with Clint, we have seen his demeanor change.  He has become far more independent. He is happier, calmer, kinder and more adventurous and has even made a friend because of his interest in fishing.  We could not be happier with the change in our boy, and we truly believe a huge part of it is due to Clint and his fishing adventures.


Highly recommended!!


Both my boys loved this. Clint was just amazing. Teaching them all the skills to fish while fostering their confidence and providing a safe space to socialise. We will definitely be back.


Cooper and Grace always love their fishing sessions with Clint!

He has so much patience for them when their patience is running low, he teaches the basis skills they need to often catch fish, and he keeps them engaged more than most people do,

I highly recommend these fishing programs.


​ I just wanted to send you an email thanking you so much for a wonderful morning today! You were so patient and kind. Griffin had a ball. He did have the best time and loved every second.​​


We were very pleased with the program. Our son enjoyed the program and the caring nature of the team.


Highly recommend for parents who want to get their children into outside activities.

Ainsley (again, a few months later)

Griffin talks so fondly about his fishing experiences with Clint. I overheard him showing someone his rod and telling them about Clint and that he was the nicest man ever! After hearing that, we went back to Chambers Island on the weekend (Mummy learnt how to bait a hook and cast the line); we caught so many fish! They sure were biting. Griffin is has not been diagnosed with Autism, however, he is a unique and special dude. Thank you for sparking his interest and teaching him how to fish. I think this is definitely his happy place. You guys do truly amazing work. It’s so appreciated!

Griffin 1_edited.jpg


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