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It’s a system designed to help motivate, educate and reward kids for their achievements in and out of Coaching sessions (no “participation” awards here!).


The badges are for activities and behaviours that fall under the umbrella of our philosophies, such as getting better at performing natural movements, being eco-helpful, creating healthy relationships, getting more nature time etc.


There are certain criteria for achievement and earning the badges, similar to the Scouts method and martial arts rewards systems.


We have a list of requirements for achieving each badge, which we explain to kids during their sessions so they understand the process. Some badges are for our events - such as fire making and shelter building - which we’ll chat about before and during events.


We’ve included a cardboard poster with a magnet that you can place on the fridge for the kids to then write on and tick off the badges as the kids achieve them.


The badges can be worn on their caps/hats, bags or kept in a special spot - ideally not worn on t-shirts as pinning and unpinning regularly can cause them to wear quickly.


Some of the achievements will happen during Coaching sessions but some such as tech free time will be awarded by you letting us know what’s happening at school and at home. Please don’t be too lenient here though, we want to ensure the kids are receiving the badges based on the actual required actions for achievement.

Confident Kids Badges System

Confidence for kids_edited.jpg
Confident Kids Badges
Aida with her Confident Kids Badge for 'Eco Warrior'
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