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Overcoming physical and emotional disabilities to create confidence, capability and more fulfilment in life.

If you have a client or a family member who needs this read on...

Private Adults Coaching Program

This page is for Support Coordinators, care givers, advocates and representatives of and organisations working with adults with low-level disabilities...

Private Adults Coaching helps individuals with various types and levels of neurodevelopmental disabilities and challenges 
achieve a more fulfilling life

by improving physical capability, fundamental movement skills, social abilities,

self-esteem and body awareness.

Using a combination of traditional exercises, unique games, and natural movement all focused on promoting enjoyment and improving general quality of life.


This fully personalised 10 week program consists of exercises and activities focusing on the specific

areas needing improvement, as well as mentoring and connection with an experienced and dedicated coach who will guide clients to achieve a better quality of life.

This isn't a just-pay-and-off-you-go product.

It's a private personal training program made for each individual.

​Start with an obligation-free 20 min phone chat with Clint to discuss what

your client or family member needs then book in for a relaxed video or in-person meeting/catch-up

before potentially organising a 30 min Trial Session.


Trial Sessions are $65 (+ GST), paid prior to the day

NDIS funding may be available.


There's currently a wait list available for sessions with Clint from the end of Term #1 2024

The New Client Intake form MUST be submitted within 24-hours of the appointment request approval, to secure the booking

or it may be cancelled.

By making a booking you understand and agree to this.

Brenton M. - Autistic, a client of 7 years

I really love training with Clint. He's helping me build a better body through good food and movement


Private Adults Coaching ASD NDIS Sunshine Coast


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