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Available Employment Opportunities

Become a Children's Support Worker

We're seeking a superstar Support Worker for the Southern Sunshine Cast region.

This is a high quality service for low-level ASD children in a casual employee role.​ We hope to have the right person ready to begin onboarding by end of July.

'Southern Sunshine Coast' refers to Landsborough out to Maleny, up to Bokarina (generally).

Read about the role then apply below if you're keen and believe you're a suitable candidate. We'll be in contact to advise receipt of application and may invite you to attend an interview in person.

Read 'About the Support Worker Role' below THOROUGHLY before applying.



1. Have a strong internet connection on the device being used (phone, tablet, computer etc);

2. Click the "Complete the Application Form" button below;

3. A Google Form should appear;

4. Enter text into all of the required fields, upload a resume document (Word or PDF) into the section that asks for that (the file needs to be located on the device being used at the time), as well as any proof documents available as per the next upload section (not required);

5. Click 'Submit' to complete the entry and wait one to four days for a manual email response.

Problems using the Google form troubleshooting: 

- If trying to access the form and being asked to 'Sign in to a Google account' try clearing the Cache on your device and trying again.

Alternatively, create a free Google account and try again, 

- If unable to access the form from a mobile phone, try using a tablet or computer. Alternatively clear cache and cookies,  close and reopen your browser and refresh the page, turn off any plugins and extensions then reload the page, try opening the page using another browser (Google is best). 

- Or try an internet search for another potential cause and solution. 

There are no settings that can be changed at our end.

>> Or conduct an internet search to find a solution if the above steps do not work. Applications must only be submitted via the form, not via email with resume attached.

>>  If you're invited to an interview please respond no later than 48 hours from the date of the email to avoid missing out on an interview opportunity <<

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