Getting kids moving, burning off excess energy, having fun and boosting self-esteem.

While parents sit back watching the fun, enjoying a mini break!

Confident Kids School Holiday Classes

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A fun 45 min class for kids who enjoy running around outdoors, playing new and also somewhat familiar games, interacting with others and feeling good about themselves and their abilities!

These classes are suitable for children on the Autism Spectrum (high functioning, can take basic instruction and participate in activities/games with basic and physical ability requirements) as well as Neuro-typical children who simply enjoy playing and being active.


Coach Clint ensures every child receives his full attention throughout the activity, and that every child feels included and can achieve something.


Dates & Times:  TBA

Age:  4+ yrs

Class size:   Min. 4 kids booked in at least 3 hours prior to each class. Max. 10 per class. If we reach 10 for a particular class we'll add a second class right after open to bookings for 4+ children.
Location:  Chambers Island, Maroochydore​  (view map here)


Cost:  $12 ea / $10 ea for siblings*


*Prices may change. Cashless service - payment to be made via debit/credit card at the class.

NDIS funding may be available - ask us for a receipt if you'd like to make a claim.

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